photo taken in studio during Step Change fellowship by Bernard Mitchell, 2023

Adam Charlton is a Swansea-based artist who works in drawing and painting. With an experimental approach he overlaps different styles and methods that aim to reveal through his chosen medium emotions that otherwise struggle to be seen. Ranging from observational portraiture to fully abstract, Adam’s paintings are known for their boldness and playful self-awareness. Some key words informing his practice over his time spent at UWTSD would be “psychogeography”, “multiplicity” and “risk”.

A past lecturer said, “Adam thrives upon dealing with the unknown, the risk, the fluid dialogue between the mind and paint.”

In 2022, Adam’s painting “Untitled/ Winning Composition” won the Freeland’s Painting Prize. The painting was described by curator and art writer Matt Price as disturbing, edgy and possibly unforgettable”.

photo taken at Chalk Farm by visitor of Freeland's Painting Prize Exhibition, 2022.



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